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Business value appraisal

Business value appraisal

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The business appraisal procedure invloves calculating the cost of a fully functioning company, fully or partially incorporating the property complex: land, buildings and structures, machinery and equipment, storage and raw materials, office space, transportation, patents and other tangible and intangible assets. In addition to production assets, the human and financial capital, the entrepreneurial activity of owners and top managers of the company, their business reputation and the of the company's brand recognition in the market have a positive impact on the market value of the business. Depending on the goals set by the customer, our specialists will appraise the value of the business or the company as a whole or its individual assets and liabilities using various methodological approaches.
Production has value if it is useful to current or potential owner, i.e. able to generate income. We will appraise the utility and calculate the production value
The investment value of a company depends on the individual requirements of the investor when determining profitability and risk. We work in the best interests of our clients
We evaluate not only the monetary component of the business, but also external and internal factors that influence the financial condition of the company
The ability to repay obligations in full and in a timely manner is an indicator of business sustainability. We are ready to evaluate these qualities
25%, 50% or 75% - dividends and managerial rights depend on the size of the share. We will analyze all the factors and calculate the exact value of a share in the company
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What makes up the value of a business

Each business is unique and has its own qualitative and quantitative features. Below are the main factors that we take into account when forming the cost of a business valuation contract.

The purpose of the valuation (depending on the purpose, one to three valuation approaches can be implemented)

  • Valuation date (for the current period or for a previous period of time)
  • The volume of economic activity of the company

  • Fixed assets, their quantitative and qualitative composition

  • The presence and composition of payables and receivables

  • Availability and amount of documentation required at the date of evaluation

Guarantee of valuation quality and integrity

The results of the valuation are documented in the Valuation Report, which contains information about the company, goals and objectives set for the specialist, the rationale for the chosen methods and approaches to calculating the total value of the company and other data that has a significant impact on the appraiser's result.

An valutaation report is an official document that is legally valid, and can be submitted to judicial, tax and other government bodies and commercial structures.

In our company, Kseniya Cherkasova, the head of the valuation department, deals with business valuation. By calling 8 (495) 369-68-54, you will receive a personal consultation from Ksenia Cherkasova on all matters relating to the valuation of a company or enterprise.


What influences the market value of a business?

The procedure for independent valuation of a business is a complex and multi-step process that begins with a qualitative and quantitative valuation of tangible and intangible assets. A significant influence on the final market value is had by external and internal factors, such as:

  •  Enterprise efficiency
  •  Business reputation
  •  Commercial activity
  •  The company's relationships with suppliers and consumers
  •  Reputation with various government bodies
A business, like any product in the free market, has a certain level of utility for the buyer. The usefulness of a business is manifested in the process of using it; accordingly, the more income a business brings to the owner, the higher its usefulness and the higher its value.

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