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Valuation of intellectual property

Valuation of intellectual property

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In an administrative system of high-tech enterprises, intellectual assets perform a system-forming function. The correct management of intangible assets (IA) and intellectual property (IP) directly influences the stability, profitability, prospects and development of a high-tech business.

The valuation of intellectual property is imperative for the effective management of intangible assets, which in turn allows a company to competently and reliably attract foreign investment in the form of financing and acquired property.

Does your business create high-tech products? We are ready to calculate the objective value of the rights to your product for licensees.
Have you registered an invention and received a patent for it? We will calculate the cost of an exclusive (or non-exclusive) patent rights, so you can make effective administrative decisions.
A well-known trademark provides significant advantages over competitors. We will valuate these benefits.
Innovative development (know-how) can be the subject of a sales transaction. In order for the transaction to be profitable, an our company's assessment of the know-how value is necessary.
"First you work on your reputation, and then your reputation works for you." The higher the goodwill, the more expensive the business. We are ready to rate the value of goodwill of your company.
Copyrights are subject to non-property rights and have a certain value that can be determined.
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Appraisal of intellectual property and other IAs is a very complex procedure and is associated with several points: first, it is necessary to assess the value of intellectual property rights, the result of which is often obvious only to the owner or seller, which complicates the appraiser’s task of conducting an objective assessment. Secondly, all IAs are unique, which makes it impossible to use the same calculations and analogies for every case.

Our company's specialists, thanks to their great experience, are able to understand the specifics of the IA, the nature of the rights being valuated, can adequately assess risks and apply calculation methods in order to estimate the final value of on IA or IP.

Процесс оценки IA и IP начинается с определения их места в бизнес-структуре, а затем определения их веса среди других IA и оценки текущего состояния. Следующим шагом является прогноз перспектив их эффективного использования, основанный на выявленных точках роста выручки и получения прибыли.

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