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Equipment and machinery appraisal

Equipment and machinery appraisal

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Appraisal of machinery and equipment, more often than not, is a business necessity - that is, the owners of these assets. In accordance with Civil Law, machinery and equipment are personal property and are subject to mandatory inclusion in the company's financial statement. In our company, the appraisal of machinery and equipment is a sought-after service due to the fact that the market value of these assets is constantly changing depending on market conditions, the presence of competition in corresponding industries and other pricing factors.
Confectionery, perfumery, pharmaceutical and other technological equipment. We appraise any equipment for your necessities. We do so reliably, correctly, and within a reasonable amount of time
Stationary and mobile equipment, all types, sizes and forms. Appraisal for the company's balance sheet, credit refinance, sale, write-off or liquidation. You set the goal - we get to work
Sales display equipment, sales automation equipment, product storage, modular equipment. Appraisals for the purpose of a purchase or sale, lease, accounting, as collateral or for insurance
Equipment must be put to work and make a profit. To make timely administrative decisions, it is necessary to conduct an independent appraisal of your assets. We appraise machinery for buying and selling, renting, leasing, as collateral and other purposes
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The appraisal of equipment and machinery involves determining the market value of technological, construction, engineering, commercial and other equipment, as well as machining tools and equipment involved in factory production processes. In addition to the market value, our appraisers can calculate the liquidation and investment value of machinery and equipment, depending on the objectives of the appraisal.

Knowing liquidation value of machinery and equipment is necessary if there is a need for an urgent sale of the property. In this type of situation, the owner is forced to set the sale price lower than he could have, given a normal time frame. The investment cost of machinery and equipment is of interest when the question of investing money in machinery or equipment comes up, in order to maximize profits and minimize risks. Usually the investment cost of machinery and equipment is calculated in for a specific investment project. In all other cases, such as: 1) adding equipment to a company's balance sheet 2) renting or leasing out the equipment; 4) insurance purposes; 5) entering the equipment as a share in the company's capital; 6) write-offs and other reason, require knowing the market value of machinery and equipment.


The methodology for appraising equipment and machinery depends on the subject of appraisal, as well as the goals and objectives of the appraisal, which are established by the customer, when an agreement for the provision of services for the appraisal of equipment and machinery is composed. When conducting the appraisal, the actions of our specialists are governed by provisions set forth in the Federal Law No. 135-ФЗ “On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation”, and also by Federal Standards of Appraisal, Civil and Tax Codes and other regulations, relevant to the field of personal property appraisal.

The results of the work performed are recorded in a Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Report - an official document that has sufficient legal power, neccessary for submission to state, tax and judicial authorities of the Russian Federation.

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