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Motor vehicle appraisal

Motor vehicle appraisal

Services that we provide

Vehicle appraisal is a common service that our company provides to businesses and individuals in Moscow and the Moscow Region. The competence of our appraisers allows them to carry out accurate and comprehensive appraisals of any vehicles, based on reliable and relevant information.
Sale, insurance, sureties, inheritance, property disputes, tax accounting - a comprehensive appraisal is needed in each case
We appraise any special equipment and take all pricing factors into account
We appraise quickly, efficiently and in accordance with legal requirements and methods mandated by Russian Railways
Ocean liners, sea cargo ships and fishing boats - our knowledge allows us to appraise any vessel
Knowing the current value of the company's air fleet, allows you to make effective administrative decisions
Buses of any make and model. From modern to rare - the quality of our appraisals is always high
Know the true value and use it according to your needs - leasing, rent, refinancing, liquidation
Writing off or transferring to operational use, refinancing or adding as an expense - our appraisal can be used for any of these tasks
Timely priced agricultural equipment will avoid financial losses. We appraise anything - from cart to combine-harvester
Any machinery is worth money. The more accurate the appraisal, the better the deal. We provide an accurate appraisals
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Why vehicle appraisals are necessary

An independent vehicle appraisal is the determination of a vehicle's total market value, which takes into account the technical condition of the vehicle and its physical and functional wear. In addition to the market value, the liquidation and investment values of various vehicles can be calculated.

Vehicle appraisals are required quite often and for various reasons. An independent vehicle appraisal is most often requested by owners when selling a vehicle, after an accident, when the insurance company pays an inadequate amount in damages, when the vehicle is put in a will, or to during property dispute procedures.

Other vehicles that can be appraised by our company are mostly owned by commercial and budgetary organizations, which imposes certain specific requirements to their appraisal.
During independent vehicle appraisals, the actions of our appraisers are governed by the Methodology for determining the cost of vehicles, which takes into account the natural wear and technical condition, the Methodological Recommendations of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation which helps determine the cost of repair, periodical Price-N directories, standards and rules of the SGO “SMAO” and by regulatory acts of the Russian Federal Government.

The results of the appraisal are recorded in the Vehicle Appraisal Report (vehicle, special machinery, road repair and other equipment). The appraisal report is an official document that is legally valid, prepared in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 135-ФЗ “On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation”, Federal appraisal standards and other various methods, and can be submitted to state, tax and judicial authorities of the Russian Federation.

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