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Real estate appraisals

Real estate appraisals

Services that we provide

Our company conducts independent real estate appraisals in Moscow and the Moscow region for the purposes that are determined by the customers. The market, cadastral, investment and/or liquidation value of the property can be calculated, depending on what tasks are assigned to the appraiser.

As described by federal and local legislation, the term real estate includes apartments, residential houses, buildings, structures, and construction that is in progress, that is, all properties that are inseparably connected to a foundation, located on an occupied plot of land. Additionally, real estate describes the land and subsoil plots themselves.

At our company, the established cost of an independent real estate appraisal depends on the type of property (apartment, house, industrial buildings or premises, land, etc.) as well as on its technical characteristics, specifically, the area of ​​the estimated object and the type of permitted use.

We are aware of our professional responsibility to our customers, therefore, the real estate appraisal performed by our company is carried out only by certified appraisers that specialize in this particular field of the appraisal industry.

By knowing the market value of your apartment, you can make effective decisions during sales negotiations.
A realistic rent amount guarantees a stable, long-term income.
Cottage, country house, sauna, gazebo, village cabin - the market value is needed for any transaction
Any plot of land costs money. The more accurate the appraisal, the better the deal, and we do very accurate appraisals.
You can buy and sell anything. Even if that "anything" is unfinished. The important thing is to have an independent assessment of the property to determine its actual price.
Independent appraisal for use in all types of transactions. Our work is fast, legal and always in the client's best interests.
To make effective administrative decisions, it is imperative to know the market value of the commercial property.
An appraisal is need to carry out any transaction, securing
Irremovable renovations are designed to change the functional purpose of the property. We are ready to appraise their value.
Effective management and any transactions - our professional appraisal will help with everything.
A warehouse must be profitable. Sale, purchase, rent, put down as a deposit - our appraisal for your needs.
Our professional office valuation will help make effective administrative decisions.
Having a garage is no longer a luxury, but knowledge of its exact market value is a necessity in the modern market.
In order to properly and successfully sell agricultural land, it must first be appraised. Our assessment is fast, legal, and inexpensive.
We specialize in appraising technically complex and potentially dangerous facilities.
Market, investment or liquidation value of the property. We value the interests of the client, but in strict accordance with the law.
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