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Car inspections

Car inspections

Services that we provide

Independent technical inspections of a car have a wide scope of applications: • road accidents • damage to a car from the actions of third parties or natural phenomena • poor quality repair at a workshop • car fire • other situations in which the car deteriorates externally, internally and/or loses driving performance
Our automotive experts will quickly and accurately calculate the cost of repairs.
We drove calmly, did not cut anyone off, and suddenly - an accident ?! The traffic police reports "mutual fault", but you are confident that you are not to blame? Our experts will conduct a trasological examination and establish who is right and who is at fault.
Our fire experts will determine the cause of the car fire, calculate the cost of refurbishment and make an Expert report in accordance with the requirements of the law.
Look. Listen. Feel. Smell. (c) Our expert automotive technicians appraise the quality of car repairs in your best interests.
We carry out examinations of any parts, units and assemblies of the car, ranging from the audio signal to a comprehensive examination of driving performance.
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What does does a car inspection determine?

  • the presence of and nature of technical damage

  • causes of detected damage

  • technologies, methods, scope and cost of repairs

What you need to know about the qualifications of the expert automotive technician

Auto experts from the company REAL EXPERT have extensive practical experience conducting automotive inspections of any complexity. The qualifications of our specialists meet the requirements for automotive experts:

  • certification and membership in the automotive experts register of the Ministry of Justice;

  • a degree in the field of the auto-technical expertise and additional professional education in an advanced training program in the field of independent vehicle inspection as well as over 5 years work experience in the transportation industry;

  • comprehensive knowledge of federal laws and regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, pertaining to independent automotive technical inspections and appraisals, insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners, and road safety;

  • proficiency in the certified program - AudaPadWeb.


What a customer gets as a result of an inspection

The results of the car inspection help form an expert opinion, which is then recorded in a report. This is an official document that is legally sufficient to be submitted to an insurance company or a court, in order to facilitate the decision to compensate the full cost of repairs after an accident, from third parties or from natural phenomena.

The inspection report contains information about the customer and the expert, the reason for conducting the inspection, and its methodological substantiation. The report also lists the existence, nature and causes of damage, the calculation of operational wear and cost of the vehicle repair, as well as expert conclusions of the automotive technician regarding the objectives placed on the inspection.

Legal basis for an independent automotive technical inspection

  • Federal law, dated 25.04.2002 N 40-ФЗ "On compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners".
  • "Rules and regulations for the independent technical examination of a vehicle" (approved by the Bank of Russia 19.09.2014 N 433-П).
  • "Provision on a unified methodology for determining the amount of expenses required for the repair of a damaged vehicle" (approved by the Bank of Russia September 19, 2014 N 432-P)
  • Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of January 25, 2011 No. 20 "On the approval of the Nomenclature of components (parts, units and assemblies), for which a zero value of wear is established when calculating the amount of cost of spare parts used in the repair of vehicles
  • "Judicial automotive technical inspection examination. Part 2. Theoretical foundations and methods for expert research in the production of automotive technical inspection examination"
  • "Traffic and Transportation Inspection of Road Traffic Accidents (Diagnostic Studies)"
  • Handbook "Examination of accidents". Evtyukov S.A., Vasilyev Ya.V.
  • Methodological letter for experts "Expert study of traces on vehicles that have arisen as a result of a traffic accident"
  • "Methodological Guidelines for determining the cost of vehicles, taking into account natural wear and technical condition at the time of presentation", РД 37.009.015-98
  • Methodical recommendations for experts "Inspection of motor vehicles with the purpose of determining the cost of repair and evaluation"
  • Directories of software systems "Autoexpert NAMI", "AudaWeb"
  • Collections "Cars ... operational hours. Regional cost"


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