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Legally mandated examination (Russian Federation 44-fz)

Legally mandated examination (Russian Federation 44-fz)

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The assessment of the results of a competed state contract (the supply of goods, the work performance or the provision of services) is the responsibility of the Purchaser in accordance with Federal Law No. 44-FZ "On the contract system for state and municipal procurement of goods, work and services."

In accordance with clause 3 of Article 94 of this Law, the Purchaser is obliged to conduct an assessment of the goods or services provided, for compliance with the conditions and requirements of the contract. The purchaser has the right to conduct an assessment on his own (internal examination) or to employ outside experts in the cases specified by the law (external examination). For us there are no borders - we work throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation.
Independent examination according to the law No. 44-FZ guarantees an accurate and reliable verification of compliance between the results of a completed contract and its conditions.
Examination of the supplied goods, work and services under federal law No. 44-FZ: on your own or with the help of outside experts? Find out which is more dependable.
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Purchaser responsibility when accepting contract results

Since 2016, the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation introduced the administrative responsibility of the purchaser when accepting and paying for goods, work, and services that do not comply with technical specifications or specifications included in the contract. This has led to additional budget spending or a decrease in the number of goods, work and services supplied. An official fine in the amount ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 rubles is imposed on the officials who committed this violation.

Why do you need to involve third-party experts

Acceptance of contract performance results, especially when it comes to complex technical goods or works, requires the purchaser to have expert knowledge and be incredibly meticulous when conducting an examination of equipment. More often than not, the approval committee, consisting of employees of the purchasing company, does not have the required equipment and the necessary qualifications.

In order to avoid imposing responsibility for accepting the results of a completed state contract onto the employees, we recommend hiring our company and receiving an expert assessment of the compliance or non-compliance of the delivered goods, work, services or their individual stages as compared the requirements and conditions specified in the contract itself.

Having vast experience in conducting 44-FZ examinations, we guarantee accurate and comprehensive examinations and definite conclusions, on the basis of which you can make a decision of acceptance or refusal of the results of a completed contract.

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