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Property damage appraisal

Property damage appraisal

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According to Civil Law, there two types of property: real and personal. Real property includes apartments, country houses and other structures affixed to land, which are not subject to relocation to another place without significant losses. Movable, or personal property - anything that can be easily moved in any way possible.

Precise calculation, quality and speed - we are dedicated to 100% fulfillment of these important points when appraising flooding damage
In an accident, both real and personal property may sustain damage. Our accurate appraisal will help you receive compensation for damages.
Comprehensive and competent appraisal report - a guarantee of damages in full
Competent appraisal of damage to property. Includes assessment of general and special damages, which are needed in order help restore violated rights.
We have fully developed appraisal methods for calculating property damage as a result of vandalism
The sustaining party is entitled to compensation for losses. We are ready to calculate the damages
Illegally cut down trees? Trampled flower bed? Contact us and we will quickly appraise the amount of damage.
Copyrights, trademarks, patents and licenses, R&D results - we appraise all types of intellectual property
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Why is it necessary to appraise property damage

When property is damaged, its cost can and should be appraised, taking into account that the owner is entitled to compensation for losses that he or she sustained as a result of the damage. This procedure is called “property damage appraisal” and is conducted by an independent expert.

Damage appraisal involves determining the severity of the damage and calculating the cost of the refurbishment, including materials and work, or the cost of replacement of the damaged property. The expenses is calculated using the method of comparative approach:

1) properties that are similar in technical and other characteristics are selected

2) the costs of applicable building materials and construction work are analyzed

3) the average cost is calculated

Such an approach makes it possible to appraise the damage to property as reliably as possible at the current market prices, which is more favorable than independent calculations of the scale and cost of losses.

Legislative framework for the appraisal of damage to property

Compensation for damages to property is regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Independent appraisal procedures are outlined in Federal Law No. 135-ФЗ "On appraisal activities" and by the Federal standards for appraisal. The procurement of these documents are mandated for determining the cost of property damage.

The result of an appraisal is a document that is received by the client - a damage appraisal report, drafted on paper. The report contains the affirmed professional opinion of the appraiser, which is formulated on the basis of collected information, calculations, and other information that is relevant to the assessment.

The appraisal report is an official document drafted in accordance to the requirements of the Federal Appraisal Standard, namely “Requirements for an Appraisal Report”. The report has legal and evidential value, and is sufficient for submittal to state, tax and judicial authorities of the Russian Federation.


Guarantee of quality and integrity

In our company, appraisers know how to correctly assess real estate in general, and the cost of damages caused in particular. Additionally, the competence of our appraisers includes assessment of general and special damages, which are needed in order help restore violated rights. Our appraisers have an individual approach to the problems of clients, always consider the clients' best interests, and honor the law.

Appraisal reports from Real Expert pass expert examination in court without question, and are accepted by tax authorities and notaries. This speaks volumes about the professionalism and quality of our work and provides piece of mind to our clients. We take our work seriously, and as a guarantee, our professional responsibility to customers is insured for 126 million rubles at IC Alpha Insurance.

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