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Securities appraisal

Securities appraisal

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Appraisal of securities, as a type of independent valuation service, is an integral activity in our company. Appraisal of securities is the determination of the value of a security on a specific date (appraisal date), and takes into account the influence of market conditions, risks, risk factors and profitability. We appraise all types of securities in any quantity, including large packages.
Stocks must perform well and generate income for their owner. We appraise the market, investment, liquidation value for all types of stocks in any quantity, starting from one
Contribution of shares appraisals are carried out in order to improve the management of investment funds or to calculate the residual value. Our company has extensive experience in appraising various securities, including shares
The basis for an appraisal of a bill of exchange is the determination of its value as a financial instrument that can bring profit to its owner.
The main buyers of bonds are insurance and investment companies, pension funds, which provide investments and attract funds for various terms. Buying bonds as an investment requires a preliminary independent appraisal of their value.
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From an economic point of view, securities can be considered as a commodity with a specific set of its own characteristics, which is in circulation on the market. Possession of securities provides the right to receive income while the security is the part of market relations. Securities can be sold and bought, exchanged, adjusted, etc.

The choice of methodology for the appraisal of securities depends on the nature of the security as a document or as a collection of securities, the time, type, form and terms of the payment and registration of their supporting transactions. The procedure for the appraisal of securities begins with the determination of the eligibility of the securities, as a document confirming the title of ownership or debt obligations to the owner. Investment attractiveness and management capabilities are evaluated based of the rights that are assigned to the security.

When conducting an independent appraisal of securities, the actions of our appraisers are governed by the provisions in the Civil and Tax Codes, Federal laws and regulatory documents that regulate business activities and operations with securities.

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