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Weapon appraisal

Weapon appraisal

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Federal Law No. 150-ФЗ “On Weapons” Article 1 contains a general definition of a weapon, as devices and objects, constructively designed to hit a living or other target, and to give signals. Weapons are divided by type into firearms, bladed or blunt, throwing, pneumatic, and gas. For many men, a weapon remains a passion, a source of pride from thought of its possession or as work of art placed in a private collection. But within the framework of appraisal activities, weapons are considered as personal property with which it is possible to complete various transactions.

The appraisal of a weapon allows you to make sales transactions, place is a will, insure, give away, place as surety, etc. Our company appraises of all types of weapons, including award, branded, exclusive and antique. For the appraisal of some very rare or valuable weapons, we invite experts who thoroughly know all the nuances of weapons trading, which allows us to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the appraisal of weapons that are submitted for valuation.
Smooth-bore and rifled, hunting and military, antique and ultramodern. We appraise every type of rifle.
Stechkin automatic pistol, Glock, Walther, Makarov pistol, Nagant revolvers and other pistol models - we will calculate their current market value.
From a historical point of view, bladed weapons are the most ancient and have the largest number of forms, types and sizes, ranging from a tiny dagger and ending with a huge flamberge. Our company makes accurate and reliable appraisals of bladed weapons.
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When assessing a bladed weapon or a firearm, Real Expert specialists are guided by Civil Law requirements the provisions of Federal Law No. 150-ФЗ “On Weapons”. Appraisal criteria and requirements for the preparation of a weapons appraisal report are governed by Federal Law No. 135-ФЗ “On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation”, Federal appraisal standards, standards and rules of SRO “SMAO”, as well as regulatory acts of appropriate government bodies.

The results of the appraisal are documented in the Weapons Appraisal Report, which indicates: the objectives of the appraisal, the value of the weapon, the methodology and justification for its calculation, analysis of pricing factors and other information important for the preparation of a comprehensive report.

The weapons appraisal report is an official document and has legal and evidential force sufficient enough to be submitted to state, judicial and tax authorities of the Russian Federation.

Our appraisers have an individual approach to each appraisal, and their extensive professional experience, thorough knowledge of calculation methods and the legal framework, which allow us to take act in the best interests of customers and conduct weapons assessment at a level of high quality, and indicate reliable information in the Report in accordance with the legislation on appraisal activity and weapons trade.

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