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Social responsibility

Our organization believes in reducing harmful effects to the environment.

We have taken a number of measures to promote this:

  1. The principle of maximum appraisal grouping on a territorial basis, in order to avoid unnecessary travel around Moscow.
  2. Using only eco-bags and eco-folders used for issuing reports to customers.

  3. The absence of report binding, the rejection of the use of plastic. Reports are bound using staples clips and threads to minimize environmental harm during their disposal.
  4. Acceptance of documents from customers is carried out in electronic form, bypassing photocopying. Further archive of the original documentation is carried out in electronic form.

We fully realize that the preservation of the environment is the contribution of each of us. From personal effort is the overall result.

We see that environmental protection alone is not enough to make our world a better place. Therefore, our organization actively participates in promotions and events of charitable foundations.